• Christoffer Inuk Torpdahl Platou
  • 15/02-96
  • Mix Engineer/Producer
  • Sound Designer

Hva så?! – Med Christian Fuhlendorff is a podcast, hosted by danish comedian and TV-personality Christian Fuhlendorff, where he walks and talks with various guests and interviews them about their life and career in a laid-back fashion. Hva så?! Airs two times per week.

As of March 2020 I’ve been producing, mixing, mastering and editing this podcast.

I’ve been an intern at Studio C4 at Anders Schumann in Copenhagen. The internship was a part of my education as a Media- and sono ccommunications Bachelor at Sonic College.

I study at Sonic College in Haderslev, Denmark. A bachelors degree in sound design, officially Sono- and Media Communication.

Since 2017 I’ve been affiliated with and managed by Force One Music as a producer and mix engineer. A record label that, by the time, had a publishing deal with Sony Music Denmark. 

In 2016 I had Frontsessions Music Production Course – A course in music production, mixing and mastering.
Frontsession is a folk high school based in Aarhus, Denmark.

In 2015 – 2016 I was a visiting friend/caretaker for a disabled citizen. We played guitar and went to events. 
Bostedet Arendalsvej is a residence for disabled in Silkeborg, Denmark.

I went to high school at Viborg Katedralskole in Viborg, Denmark and graduated in 2015. 

Ableton Live is my primary DAW for producing and creating music. Wether it's smaller sound design jobs or full-length albums.

Pro Tools is my go-to DAW for mixing and mastering. I use Pro Tools for almost anything having to do with post-prod./rec.

Gimp is my main visual software. Whenever I need a visual input for a project or a quick graphic - Gimp is my weapon of choice.